Meet the Team


Ghaith Albastanli

CEO & Founder

Creating Tech solutions to help or improve people's lives is his passion. Bringing these solutions into the hands of millions of people is his action.

As a founder, Ghaith is committed to delivering energy solutions products and services utilizing renewable energy for a sustainable future. Merging business into engineering applications in order to build a fully integrated system is a way to achieve his goals.


Salem Najib Saeed

Administrative Manager

Salem is a hard-working individual who is passionate about management and technology. What we do at Solaris is driven by enthusiasm and the need of delivering tolls to improve and ease human lives. Utilizing renewable energy is a necessity for a sustainable future. 

Marble Surface

Founder Story

An engineering capstone project detailing a stand-alone off-grid solar system was inspired by unreliable electricity supply in various regions of the Middle East due to wars and crisis. Additional inspiration was derived from rising dangers of climate change and increasing levels of carbon footprints. Following successful implementation of the product and the urge to provide solutions to the aforementioned issues, a team of three electrical engineers was formed. An incubator program run by the entrepreneurship and innovation center (AEIC) at the American University in Dubai brought forth the creation of Solaris Solutions as a startup company.

Mission & Vision

At Solaris Solutions, everything we do is driven by our goals of providing best-in-class engineering services. This means acting with social and environmental responsibility and integrity. It also entails producing high-quality results that are long-lasting and sustainable.



Become the leading provider of innovative solar solutions and power systems


To promote the use of renewable energy and help reduce carbon footprints